Triscari Wedding

When Maria first asked me to do her engagement photos, I was ecstatic.  My lips couldn’t widen long enough for the big smiles I was giving.  But when she then asked me to document her wedding, I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat knowing the absolute beauty, and radiance that would come on that day.

Maria, you are a one of a kind, genuine beauty, and I am so lucky to have known you way back when in our grade school years.  You have grown into THE most radiant woman, and being there on November fourth, watching you get ready and dressed to make one of the best walks of your life, was so humbling, and so heartfelt.  I could see from Mike’s first look reaction to you, how much appreciation he holds for his beautiful bride.  SO much love to these two.  Thank you, for allowing me to be apart of a truly special, and wonderful day.  ❤️



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