About the Photographer

Hi y’all!

My name is Allison. I’m a Connecticut based photographer specializing in action shots, portraits and weddings.

My heart has a huge open space for sports such as Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Surfing and Hiking.

When I am not behind the camera, I am often found on the side of a mountain, on top of the swell, or pleasantly lost in some deep forest wilderness.

Gymnastics Life

Though Portrait Photography only makes up about one-fourth of my year, the other seventy-five percent I am covering premiere events ranging from your average local gymnastics meet to Junior Olympic National’s, Rhythmic National’s, USA Gymnastics Championships, and most recently the 2021 Olympic Trials.

Connect with me!

My love for photography came from the exposure of my father, the official USA Gymnastics Olympic Photographer, John Cheng. It was something we discovered we shared in common, and with that raw talent, he mentored and trained me into what I know today!

There is a special kind of love that happens between the fleeting of a moment, and the pressing of the shutter button. It is almost as if for a split second, you are in control of the memories you want to help make last forever.  That forgetting is no longer an option when you have the power to make time stand still.

That is what it’s like being behind the camera.  I witness a story just yet untold, and it is my job to help unravel it.  Whether it be hidden in the corner of a smile, the light in their eyes, or the touch of a hand.  The lens sees it all.  I see it all.  It is true what they say: a photograph can tell a thousand words.  What words do your stories tell?